Tithes & Offerings

Tithing is to the Lord. The word means a tenth, and it has always been regarded as the beginning point of practically honouring God with the first 10% of our income. In addition to the Tithe, we can bring special love offerings to the Lord out of gratitude and worship. Such gifts are “laid at the apostles’ feet”, and applied as the Lord directs.

Melbourne Family

If you regularly attend Fruitful Vine weekly meetings or are a member of Fruitful Vine Melbourne Church

Global Family

If you are part of the far-reaching family of Fruitful Vine internationally/nationally, or are a guest

Donate to a specific area to help facilitate our Apostolic Vision to release, equip and mobilise the Body of Christ.

Training School

Support the various costs involved with facilitating Training School events locally and internationally

Publishing & Resources

Support the production and distribution of resources such as training manuals and teachings